Bright Beginnings

A Conversation with Bright Beginnings’ Infant Room Teachers- Ms. Natalie and Ms. Day:
A Glimpse at Our Littlest Classroom

BBI Infant Teacher Denise Day

BBI Infant Teacher Natalie Fleming

How many years have you been teaching in the Bright Beginnings infant room?
Ms. Natalie: 14 years
Ms. Day: 7 years. As a former BBI parent I was very excited to join the teaching team. I love working here.

Why is infant education important?
Ms. Natalie: As teachers in the infant room, we are first in terms of education for BBI students. We are also a support system for parents who may not know certain techniques or tips when caring for their children. The BBI infant room provides a clean and safe place for children to play and explore. It is quite possible that some BBI parents have never allowed their children to crawl or explore because the location where they are staying is not clean or safe.

Ms. Day: The infant room is where children develop their social skills. Our role is to nurture and mold the babies as they learn about their world and relationships. In some cases when meeting new infants we’ve been told that these babies would never crawl or speak, but within weeks or months we see changes and development. We call these children our Miracle Babies.

Who are our new babies?
Both: We have 4 new babies in the infant room; 2 boys and 2 girls. The majority of our infants are younger siblings of older BBI students.

What toys help with the development of infants? What supplies do you need in the classrooms?
Both: Rattles, colorful rings, teething toys, board books. Toys that are designed to evoke sight, touch, and sounds are crucial. The babies love music as well. Musical toys are great learning tools. We definitely could use dolls and hand puppets in the classroom.

Why do you love working in the infant room?
M.s Day: I love watching the babies mature from infants to toddlers. It’s amazing to witness milestones like crawling and speaking.

Ms. Natalie: Progress is made every day in the infant room, it’s wonderful to watch.

We sincerely thank our dedicated teaching team for providing essential education and support to DC’s most vulnerable children.