Bright Beginnings
Management & Staff

Bright Beginnings’ professional and well-credentialed staff is deeply committed to quality early childhood education for homeless children and family support that stabilizes these families. We ensure that our staff is well prepared to address the complex needs of our children and families. Bright Beginnings sets the bar high by requiring all lead teachers hold a four-year degree in early childhood education or a similar focus of study, as well as experience working with young children in a classroom setting. Bright Beginnings invests heavily in staff development and provides several opportunities for enrichment both in and out of the classroom by requiring each staff member to complete at least 24 hours of professional development annually.

Leadership Team
Dr. Marla M. Dean Executive Director/CEO
Doris Dupuy, Deputy Director
LeNesha Brown, Administrative Specialist II/HR
Michelle George, Administrative Specialist (Data Entry)
Yasmin Shaffi, Education Manager
Carolyn Pruitt, Master Teacher
Tamara Perez, Family & Community Engagement Manager
Sherri Watkins, Health & Nutrition Manager
Precious Homer-Williams, ERSEA Intake/Outreach Specialist
Shaquita Tillman, Mental Health and Disabilities Manager
Ashley Williams, Family Advocate
Jamie Holloway, Family Advocate
Porsha James, Social Service Assistant
Khadijah Saleem, Health Services Assistant
Taryn Cohen, Development Specialist
Whitney Faison, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator
Jeanay Bullock, Workforce Development Manager
Alex Schneider, Workforce Development Assistant
Alissa Tombaugh, Home-Based Supervisor
Melinda McGlohon, Part-Time Accountant (YPTC)
Sandra Ames, Accounting & Finance Manager
Maria Hepler, Nutritionist Consultant
Ernestina Wiseman-Certified, Licensed Kitchen Manager

BBI Teaching Team
Debra Barber
Sinknesh Bayou
Denise Day
April Fleming
Natalie Fleming
Juanita Goins
Summer Grimes
Sylvia Guerrero
Linda Harrison
Earnika Hedgeman
Tamia Hines
Alona Leibowitz
Mernique McNeill
Yenework Mola
Mikela Moore
Ethel Morgan
Roseline Nwoko
Yvonne Owens
Tara Perry
Marilyn Plummer
Robin Thompson
Helen Tinner
LaChe’ Washington
Natalie Wilson

BBI Home Visitors
Ida Bryant, Home Visitor
Charnice Robinson, Home Visitor
Ebony Tuzon, Home Visitor
Katie Sommero, Home Visitor
Bianca Lopez, Home Visitor
Kendra Etheridge, Home Visitor
Evening Care

Evening Care
Valerie Fleming, Evening Care Coordinator/ Licensed Food Handler
Yetunde Akinola, Evening Care Asssitant

Board of Directors

Bright Beginnings has an extremely involved Board of Directors, providing expertise and donating their time to ensure our programs and services address the challenges and needs of homeless families with young children. Bright Beginnings’ Board is divided into 10 committees which allow members to actively support the organization though their respective expertise.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

President: Billie J. McSeveney
Vice President: Stephen Niven
Treasurer: Shane McLaughlin
Secretary: Katie Lewin


Tracey Beeker
Paul Berry
Ann Bonham, Ph.D
Cynthia Booth
Susan Brobeck
Julie Clements
Elena Cohen
Terri Copeland
Sara DeCarlo
Maria Estefania
Mark French
M. Cameron Gilreath
Julie Nelson Ingoglia
Martie Kendrick Kettmer
Ruth H. McKey, Ph.D.
Brian Peters, Ed.D.
Nancy P. Register
Charlie Salem
Lauren Sharpless-Robinson
Sheila Stinson